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22-09-2015, 18:43

Why we have to wait now 3 days to get the next online race open? And moreover, 2 races at the same time???
Is this so problematic to continue the challenges open, so we can drive against the world?

My second question - why we can not have simple shortcut to see what time achieved our friends in the racing field? Something like a filter as it Gran Turismo 6.
Now I have to call him to get his time, and then scroll down or up to see his updated time.

My third question - why we can not scroll down with one button to the last driver to see how many people participate in the event?

Last question: Can we have statistics how many kilometers each driver did? So we can have the time and driving distance as a result?

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22-09-2015, 19:18
because reasons

23-09-2015, 08:29
because reasons

Nice answer.

23-09-2015, 08:48
More important: why is there a challenge requiring an Aston Martin expansion with only one hotlap recorded?