View Full Version : [Possible Bug] Has anyone got "Force Default Setups" to work?

23-09-2015, 13:49
I tried this option yesterday for the first time on two consecutive P2P races that I hosted.

However despite "Force Default Setups" being enabled in the restrictions screen, all drivers (including me) were still able to change their setup options.

Does this only work on dedicated servers?

Or did I make a mistake somewhere?

Will try again tonight, but it would be nice to have some feedback if anyone has got it to work already :)

23-09-2015, 14:16
I don't think that is working bud ..... As far as I have read , over site in the patch .

23-09-2015, 17:45
Ok thanks!

Umer Ahmad
23-09-2015, 17:45