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23-09-2015, 15:10

I downloaded the 4.0 patch just now and went to race career event at Nurburgring GT3 Euro Championship. Sprint race was fine and all but at the main race when i came in for my mandatory pit stop my car just stopped on the pit box and stood there and nothing happened. I had already ran the race for a good 20 minutes and no f*cking way i was going to restart the race. So i just pressed the skip to end of the session and my certain podium finish turned into a 9th place. How marvelous.

Umer Ahmad
23-09-2015, 15:12
How long dis you wait? No other screen etc popped up? Dude on the radio say anything?

23-09-2015, 15:19
For about 30 sec. Heard nothing and the wheel was turned all to the left. Then opened the pause menu and it said on my status as "entering pits". At that point i had enough.

23-09-2015, 16:38
And btw, when entering the pits i had excess fuel so i tried for fun what happens if i use the fuel slider to "take fuel off from the tank". Don't know if that had an effect though.

23-09-2015, 16:45
Sounds like the same bug I posted (incl. Video) here: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?38996-Pitstop-Bug&p=1125590&viewfull=1#post1125590

Already happened to a lot of people in our league and forced us to deactivate tire wear... Seems like it's connected to the last pits at Nürburgring GP. I waited for a couple of minutes and no, nothing else happened.

23-09-2015, 16:49
Oh no. My GT3 league is up for NurbGP this weekend. Thanks for throwing this out there. I'll have to do some testing and find out.

@Sessionerror: Did this only happen to the racer who ended up in the last pit stall, or is it random between all pit stalls? I'd like as much info as you can share about what happened so I can either recreate it or do my best to avoid it for my series this weekend. Thanks in advance!

23-09-2015, 16:53
We did quite a lot of testing and it seems like it only happens to the one in the last pit stall. We already tried to rejoin during warmup in the hope of getting another pit stall. Didn't work, however.

Happens during training sessiones, qualifying, warmup and race. Independent of weather and independent of saved strategies or not.

23-09-2015, 16:58
Thank you very much for that.

the car just gets stuck as it enters and nothing happens? Only tire changes? Only fuel? or nothing at all? I have just scheduled an online practice with my group for tonight so maybe will be able to learn some more about this.

I wonder if this is tied in any way to being forced to that pit stall when in single player Free Practice? I don't see why it would be, just a thought I had.

23-09-2015, 17:01
Yes, as you can see in the video, nothing happens at all. Neither tire changes nor fuel. The cars just gets stuck and the wheel is turned left all the time.

A also tested it in single player and online. No difference.

Edit. However, we only tested it with the GT3s.

23-09-2015, 17:07
Yeah, nice vid. Are you playing on a wheel with force feedback and did the game force your steering wheel over or was it only the visual part? I wouldn't be able to tell this as I do not have a FFB wheel.

Again, thanks for the info. I'll update anything I'm able to learn about this and how it will impact my group this weekend. As much as it sucks to have to have disable tire wear or damage to prevent someone from losing their game, I'm very thankful that this issue was caught before it created unnecessary stress on whoever was unfortunate enough to be assigned that pit stall.

23-09-2015, 17:13
Yes, I'm playing with a force feedback wheel. IIRC the wheel was only steering visually to the left as one can't steer in the pit lane by oneself.

23-09-2015, 17:20
Ah, so it is about what pit stall you are assigned to. Well i had the unfortunate luck to be in the last stall even though my garage was almost the first in line.

Umer Ahmad
23-09-2015, 17:31
Copied back to developers for investigation. Thanks all

24-09-2015, 02:03
Sessionerror, were you hosting the race when it happened to you?

It just happened to me, I have another video clip I'll post later this evening. I was host, playing in Chase Cam. pulled into last stall on pit lane and the came never switched to the interior/cockpit view as it normally does during a pit stop. Sat there indefinitely.

Not that it makes any difference to the person this happens to, but is the host of a multiplayer race always assigned to the same pit stalls? I'm assigned to the last here, beetesjuice tells me he was hosting a lobby on same track and happened to him. I remember that I'm always assigned the first pit stall on the lane on Bathurst.

24-09-2015, 06:58

Happened to myself and what looks like a few others as well.

24-09-2015, 07:38
Yes, I was host of the lobby too. Seems like the host always gets the same pit stall. Also, when your camera didn't even switch it looks like the pit procedure doesn't even start.

24-09-2015, 16:10

Happened to myself and what looks like a few others as well.

Looks like the same issue. Both threads appear to only mention Nurburgring GP.

Maybe a mod want to merge the threads to keep things together?

Yes, I was host of the lobby too. Seems like the host always gets the same pit stall. Also, when your camera didn't even switch it looks like the pit procedure doesn't even start.

That's exactly what it is. The camera never switches to the in-car cam as happens on every other pit stop. You pull into the pit lane, AI takes you to the stall, and then it just hangs without ever starting the process.

Below is the clip I made last night. I thought I'd started the recording sooner, but even still it shows my AI driving through the Pit Lane and pulling into the stall. I don't think it makes any difference in how the pit stop timeline happens, but I had this specific pit strategy set to do nothing; No tire Change, 0L fuel, and all repairs turned off.


27-09-2015, 20:40
I have experienced this issue within a quick race at the Nurburgring.

If an AI gets stuck in the pits it prevents another AI and sometimes my car from making a pit stop during the race. It appears the leader usually gets stuck in the pits.

27-09-2015, 21:24
I posted in another thread but same thing here. Only at Nurburgring GP in career mode but i was in the very first pit stall (nearest to turn 1).

Dynomight Motorsports
27-09-2015, 22:38
I've noticed in our league still since the before the first patch, that if you Pit after someone has retired or been DQ'ed and they are monitoring the race You are stuck in you Pit stall if their pit is in front of yours. Even if the car isn't physically in front of you and in the Garage it seems to stick people in the Pits till the end of the race and then saddle you with a DNF.