View Full Version : Ford Zackspeed missing liveries?!

23-09-2015, 17:24
I just did a few laps with the Ford Zackspeed Capri, and found that the Würth #2 livery that is displayed in the menu is missing from the livery selection.

Was this intentional?

27-09-2015, 07:49
AFAIK the livery among others comes with the next community livery pack = same time like AN expansion pack

27-09-2015, 16:52

i think this suites to the topic.

When i'm browsing through the liverys, the #71 Solomid livery for the M3 GT4 is only available via random livery. The same happens for the #51 cloud9 RUF GT3.
I also saw a #3 livery (with a big 3 on the roof) on the RUF GT3 on one of the AI cars, but a didn't get it via random livery or otherwise.

Edit: Just realized that the #3 is most likely one of the new livery pack, because lots of ai cars are driving with new liverys.