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23-09-2015, 23:52
Hi guys ! I would like to know how can I have to configurate de wheel, for the gas pedal and break pedal works well. Let me explain: whem I accelerate or break I don't have a gradual accelerate or break, like a normal car. It can have a gradual accelerate ? Sorry for my english, i'm brazilian. If have another Threat about this question, please correct me and post the link. Tks.

24-09-2015, 15:44
Knowledgebase : Mad Catz > Racing Wheels > Pro Racing™ Force Feedback Wheel and Pedals for Xbox One (http://madcatz.kayako.com/Knowledgebase/List/Index/190/pro-racing-force-feedback-wheel-and-pedals-for-xbox-one)

Pedals are not working as expected - KLICK!! (http://madcatz.kayako.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/521/190/my-pro-racing-ffb-wheel-for-xbox-one-pedals-are-not-working-as-expected---help)

25-09-2015, 09:51

25-09-2015, 09:58
There don't have information of the best configuration in the game. I would like to know, if whem you use the wheel, the accelerator and braek work gradual. Like, dead zone of accelerator is 50% ....

26-09-2015, 10:40
Hi,I have the madcatz FFB wheel,how is it going,are you still having problems,have you updated it recently,I had to recalibrated mine a few times,,but it is running perfect now,
I have my accelerator on 50% also,

27-09-2015, 14:04
Ok, I'll try ! Tks. If anybody have other tips please, post.