View Full Version : A couple of problems with Cadwell Park.

24-09-2015, 17:27
I have spent the day so far going through the practices and qualifying at Cadwell Park in a Junior Ginetta without any problem. (Apart from the stutering! Grrrrr!)

I set off into the night time race with everything going really well, holding a small lead until around lap 20 when the cat decided it needed feeding. So I paused the game and filled up the cat bowl, with the thanks from a very happy cat I got back to the game, un paused and carried on. From this point there was a strange graphical problem approaching Church and all the way round to Chris Curve, the screen seemed to be jumping left and right, this wasn't the normal stuttering or splintering, it was if my car was being moved instantly left and right about a foot. This was slightly annoying but no where near as frustrating as the bonkers physics problem that happened on lap 24, half way around Church the car suddenly lurched onto two wheels and rolled on it's side at a 45 degree angle, slid around 20 foot then rolled slowly onto the right door.

Now, what's really bonkers about this is that Church is a right hand corner, but the left hand side of the car left the ground, against the push of all physical forces. There were no cars near me, it wasn't a shunt, I didn't hit the curb and I didn't see any anti matter pot holes in the road.

I have a feeling the two things are connected, had something gone wrong with my cars position relative to the track causing the jumping left and right? I can imagine the road jumping up and down about a foot would cause a seemingly impossible roll over. As I said before I had paused the game and the problems started after I'd started it again. Are there reports of similar problems after pausing the game?

I'm now watching the lights of 11 cars flash by having a wail of a time while I'm waiting for a rescue truck. (Big unsmiley face!)

24-09-2015, 18:30
I need to add... After feeling sorry for myself for about half an hour I selected the top option on the pause menu, simulate session, the car rolled back onto it's wheels, but slid sideways backwards towards the track and I got disqualified!

So, there is all this talk that we don't need to save sessions, pausing them will suffice, well obviously not!