View Full Version : Is it possible to create a multi-class event and pick the actual classes?

24-09-2015, 18:21
From what I've noticed all you can select is either "same cars", "same class" and "multi class" but you cannot choose which classess will it be.

Is there some option to actually do this that I'm unaware of? Or some way to pick the cars maybe? I'd like to create my own FA vs LMP1 events and such.

TheReaper GT
24-09-2015, 18:25

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
24-09-2015, 20:47
Yeah, no option for that yet, it's one of my most wanted features (along with forcing certain setup aspects like forcing certain tyres on certain cars, which I'd use to create more varied and balanced street car fields). Essentially the only proper way to get it done currently is to do it with likeminded friends who will play ball.

24-09-2015, 22:52
Are we thinking that this is one of the "larger features" that have been hinted to arrive after the more game breaking bugs are resolved? Is it unfair to want a crumb of information since it seems wanted by so many? It would really help me plan a few things.

mister dog
10-10-2015, 13:32
This would really be a game changer for me together with the save mid race feature. It would open up a whole new world with regards to single player endurance racing, being able to set up a real replica of the 24hrs of Le Mans with LMP's mixed with GT's, and saving the progress after each stint would be magical.

Please SMS, make this happen if possible. It's such a shame the necessary content is already there, but you can't mix classes as you'd like.