View Full Version : [ANSWERED] Need help with the Laps

24-09-2015, 20:52
Hey guys as i am new in this game i have one problem with the game.
In Career mode i play practice and qualifying but when i am going to start the i always watching only 2 laps no more
Can anyone help me how to put more Laps in every track of career mode :confused::culpability:

24-09-2015, 21:04
You need to change the session length in the slider bar before you start a session (practice, qualifying, race), it will then hold that setting for your career, unless you change it again* :). You can also change the skill level there and choose whether or not you want to allow yourself to restart a race if you screw up, or play more realistically.

* I believe that's how it works. I haven't run a career yet, but I just created one to see how to change the session lengths. I changed it to 100% and it seemed to hold that from session to session and when I chose a new date on the career calendar :).

24-09-2015, 21:07
OOOOOOO!!! Ok thx mate !!!! <3 :)