View Full Version : Car Controls dont work Online

24-09-2015, 21:55
When I try to enter a Multiplayer and drive online, literally none of my car controls work on both my keyboard and controller. I can't use the throttle, steer, brake etc. it's just not responsive at all. When I press Esc the menu controls work fine however

24-09-2015, 23:37
This has been raised an as issue mate, can you exit back to pits? that seems to work

25-09-2015, 00:38
thanks for the reply Mister Wu

so i manage to work after i rebot my machine, then i get to the game again and the bug was still there....

so i unpluged everything usb on my machine and plug it back, switching every plug usb to another entry..now it is working but iam afraid that this bug comes back again..

They at least no about this issue? should i mail this to someone?

thanks !

02-10-2017, 05:12
I'm also having this same issue. The game works fine in single player, but online, none of my input devices work. Is this a known bug?