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25-09-2015, 04:30
Version update v1.4.2:

An link button is created to an external site with a Suspension Calculator by Jussi Karjalainen.
A sheet with button is created with a Fuel Calculator ( JimmyB 84).
External link button to the website of Oscar Olim, here you can setup the Force Feedback online for your wheel.
External link button to a website with car setups, here you can choose which settings are the best for you car, or choose one of the pre-settings by other users.
A sheet with button is created where you can see all the FFB settings sorted by car-brand, including buttons to jump directly to the car of you choice.
A sheet with button is created with a FFB Guide( Roger Prynne).
A sheet with button is created with a HELP in eight different languages how project cars works.
All the car pictures have been upgraded to full format (90,8 x 53,66 cm at 72 dpi).
A smaller version is created without graphics.

This is the direct download link for v1.4.2:

I also created a small DB only version without graphics, but with sortbuttons at special request:
Get your copy here:

Latest update v.1.4.4:

The all new updated PCars Car Database II v2.03 is here for Mac and Windows