View Full Version : New wheel user g920

25-09-2015, 11:28
Hey guys. Just brought my first ever wheel g920. Some help like best ffb settings and what rotation best. Thanx you guys;)

25-09-2015, 14:52
Also how to make steeering a bit lighter than you

Dynomight Motorsports
26-09-2015, 02:39
Make sure your Steering gain is 1.00 or below, then adjust your tire force for max feedback. Each car can be adjusted to have a different feel. I use Jack Spades Bumps Plus Classic setting for FFB in each car. There are some threads on here that have the global FFB settings. I would use something close to the TX wheel.

26-09-2015, 06:47
I have a thrustmaster tx, and I use default setting with 900 dor, only changes I made are, tire force 55 and force feedback 85 and it feel pretty good to me. ;)