View Full Version : Nightime lights in mirrors.

25-09-2015, 20:26
I've noticed the lights of opponents in the mirrors at night time are tiny, no flare or haze, especially missing in wet weather. I realise the drawing distance of the mirrors is less than the 'view' behind, but the lights should be glaring surely? Just an observation.

And on the point of lights, can someone used to actual racing at night let us all know if the headlight range is about right? It seems like a very short low beam to me, but I've never done any night time racing. It would be interesting to know.


(And it's still stuttering!)

Ralph B
27-09-2015, 09:36
Absolutely agree about the lights. I don't care to much about optical gimmicks in the mirrors, but at least want to see clearly, that a car is behind me with lights on in darkness or bad weather. This is partly missing. At night you can't barely see headlights in the mirrors, even the car behind you is only fifty or less meters behind you. Specially in online racing this is very annoying and causes unnecessary accidents, 'cause you simply didn't see that someone faster is behind you. In reality you see headlights at night from more distance than an unilluminated car at daylight. Just remember, how often they almost blind you, when they are not exactly adjusted.

The headlights in pCars are better than in most other sims I have driven - it still could be better. It's somehow ok for vintage cars, but not effective enough for modern racecars. Can't say anything out of real race experience - only was driving at daylight - but watching 24 hour races in TV or video, it looks the lights of this cars light up the track for a much longer distance than in pCars.

Can't say aything about stuttering. A few FPW less - still running smooth on my rig. Maybe if you are running at the limit of your PC under daylight, it may overstrain your system in nightracing. Have you tried to disable ehanced stretched headlight reflections?
Not a pCars specific problem - had worse hits in performance in other sims in the past. To be eager, I never understood, why the lights often have such an impact of performance. For my logic it should even give a boost, because you don't need such a big draw distance and doesn't need to render so much details outside of the range of the lights. Would be interesteing to know, why it is just the opposite.