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27-09-2015, 12:02
This started out as a possible wet tyre wear issue and still is, however a couple of other things have come to light whilst doing my own investigating.

I am in season 2 of my career, 100% AI, full race distances. Currently at Snetterton, of which the second race is wet to start with but dries up.

Wet tyre wear

Just to get the first thing out of the way, it seems the WET tyre wear on the Clio is a bit too high. In the the first video below (starting 14th as was my 2nd best quali time because it rained) I can keep with them and pass them for the first few laps but by the end of lap 3 the front tyres are suffering. I am a pad user but I don't think I am hard on the tyres (be the judge by the video) and I don't have this issue on the slicks, and won race one. This brings me on to my second point - pitstops.

Won't change to slicks until dry

I have had a few attempts at this race now and it dries up on lap 5. With my tyres suffering I make an unscheduled stop at the end of lap 4 as I know that the "pit box occupied" happens when I get the mandatory pit call and I can't go in as I am behind my team mate.

My strategy is preset to "soft" tyres and pressures set according to my dry setup, however it just refits "wets" and sends me on my way.

I have tried this with tyres set to both "auto by weather" and manually set to "wet" for the start of the race, both times with the strategy set to switch to "soft". If I go back in, it fits the slicks.

Lastly as you will see in the video, I am still being called in but the "pitbox occupied" message is up so I slow right down before entering the pits. You see my team mate drive out in front of me and my car carries on through pitlane.

This is the main video, tyres set to start on "wets" and has the "pit box occupied" and drive through pitlane.

Front left struggling around 5:00. Tried different pressures in practice, no difference. Pitstop at 7:00 with check that tyres are set to soft, but refits wets. "pit box occupied" at 12:00 but AI car leaves box in view. Wets confirmed just after this.


This video shows the attempts at changing tyres in the race with tyres set to "auto by weather". Some mistakes in this one as was getting a bit frustrated but the point of this video is the change from wets to slicks.

Pitstop at 0:30 (preset strategy set to softs but fits wets). Confirmed at 5:30. Second stop at 7:30, slicks fitted. Confirmed at 8:50.


27-09-2015, 22:05
Yeah. Pits aren't working right
They've been working on them since release and long before.

It's well known
Good job of documenting though. And submitting with proof. Nice bug report
So many this one just sits.

28-09-2015, 05:35
Yep pits use "Automatic by Weather" compound no matter which one you have selected. Has been a bug since release.

29-09-2015, 00:02
Thanks for the replies guys. I was aware of some pitstop issues but not the "auto by weather" one. I have always saved the strategy before the race and never had pit issues before, but is the first time I have had to stop for a different type of tyre.

Of course by changing early like that it would not have counted as my mandatory stop as the pit window had not opened, but my initial thought was to get off them as quickly as possible.

After some thinking about how to deal with the worn tyres, being beaten up by the AI and the fact my pit box would be occupied when I got there, I decided to turn the AI down to 90% and just struggle round on the worn wets and hope I wasn't too far down. I also reduced the camber on the front which did help slightly but I was still being eaten up by the end of the stint, so I still think the wet tyre wear is a little high.

I have now completed the race on 100% AI though, finished 2nd and was actually quite a fun race in the end. With it set to 90%, they all went in what seemed to be a second time, and on lap 14 of 15 the last one went in (again) just in front of me and I was in the lead by a mile. Strange!

Just to see if it did the same thing and wanting to beat it on 100% I abandoned the race and set it back to 100 and started again. However, just to prove there is some variation in these races, there were some different strategies at work and the lead car didn't do the second stop that it did in the first race.

For anyone that is interested or if it may help someone in future, below are both the 90% and 100% races to see the differences. Both join with me starting to struggle on the worn wets and the 90% race only runs until I get the lead. The 100% goes right to the end.

90% AI race


0:40 End lap 5 (9th) - all cars in front go in, I carry on expecting "pit box occupied" but doesn't happen.

2:10 End lap 6 - I go in, what I assume is cars that were placed behind me also in. I exit pit 5th, cars in front shoudld be the ones that pitted end lap 5. Nice little battle for 4th until end of lap 8

5:30 End lap 8 - 5th place, the one I just passed go into pit, plus another already in gets me up to 3rd.

6:50 End lap 9 - Another one in. Up to 2nd, now in pursuit of the leader to end I figure.

11:40 - "Exciting" moment under the bridge and into Nelson

12:15 - Lead car goes in, up to 1st by lots. Start again at 100 :)

100% AI race


0:45 End lap 6 - Me into the pits, very worn wet tyres in 6th place after only some cars went in at end of lap 5 this time. Exit pits 12th as some cars clearly not been in yet.

2:45 End lap 7 - One in, up to 11th

4:05 End lap 8 - Four in, up to 7th plus nice battle with and between two AI

5:25 End lap 9 - And another one in, 5th

8:20 - Battle for 4th, up one then down again

10:50 End lap 13 - Another one in, plus move up to 3rd shortly after

12:10 End lap 14 - 2nd place in, and I'm up to 2nd for the last lap.