View Full Version : Sonoma Raceway AI stalling?

27-09-2015, 13:43
I'm currently racing in the American Endurance Championship on the second race at Sonoma Raceway GP. I've driven the first practice session (full length 1h) and i noticed that the AI cars were pulling to the roadside constantly and in the last 10 minutes of the session there was no AI cars on the track anymore and everyone was in the garage. Now i started the second practice session and this time ive seen that few cars have gone off with a massive puff of smoke. I don't have mechanical failures turned on so it shouldn't be that the AI blows their engines because of hot temperatures (37c) and a too small radiator opening?

Just that if this thing happens in the race i will be dead bored racing 3 hours on a empty track.

E: In qualifying i opened the AI telemetry and it seems that the AI simply run out of fuel and then after that they are not returning to the track. Can someone else investige this and look if they can replicate the issue.