View Full Version : [ANSWERED] I qualify 6th but get poll position on grid? (help needed)

27-09-2015, 15:19
As the title says, I just qualified for 6th place, but on the grid when the race started I was first.
What good is going on hehe?

Here are my settings used.


P.S. the locked grid position still seems to apply even though it's locked.
When I change it to last and the add time to Qualifying it still applies the locked setting instead of my qualy..

27-09-2015, 15:43
It's a known bug, you have to do a practice session before qual to make it work.

27-09-2015, 19:00
yeah 5min training and then quali and it works.

27-09-2015, 19:43
I think you can skip the practice session too just make sure you select it

Roger Prynne
27-09-2015, 19:44
I don't think you have to even have to drive in practice, just quit it then do your qualifying.


27-09-2015, 19:59
set time to 60X in training and its done in seconds ;)

27-09-2015, 20:07
Thanks for the work around! Appreciate it!