View Full Version : Can't save replays

27-09-2015, 19:23
Everytime when i'm trying to save a replay it keeps telling me, that the file is bigger than 1 GB and cant be saved.

There is 90 GB space left on my PS4?

Any suggestions?

27-09-2015, 21:10
1GB file size limitation on PS4, not sure exactly why, but guessing either PS4 operating system or Sony cloud limitation behind it. or else something else which I am sure WMD guys can clarify. all i can tell you for sure is , PS4 has 1GB file size limitation.

28-09-2015, 16:32
I'm currently having the same problem.
I don't have cloud saving enabled, so what's going on?
I've deleted some replays a couple of days ago. Don't know if it has something to do with it..?
Can some help us?


29-09-2015, 03:47
All Games have a Limit to the total size of the Saved Data of 1 GB.
the PS4 automatically backs this up to the PLUS account, so it's limited to 1 GB.

Copy them to a USB stick, then Delete them off the PS4 so you can Save some more..
Just don't delete the Game Progress file.

Game Progress and Replays share the same space.