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28-09-2015, 16:53
I posted here because I only do multi-player, but this also applies to single player practice.

Wow SMS, I've got to give you credit here. After testing this, I didn't expect that you went as far as to implement this into the game, but it's confirmed. Kudos!

For my League, sometimes I set the conditions to "Race Date", and sometimes I set it to "Custom Date". I never noticed a difference before because I was setting the custom date during the summer (to those summer dates).

But last week while using a September date, I realized it got dark a little earlier than I expected.

Depending on the time of the year, the angle of the sun does change along with the temperature, just like real life. At 18:00 with an August custom dates, the sun was still up, but set it to December-January, and it's dark at the same time.
I need to relook at the dates and how I apply them to my League.

Nice job SMS!!!

By the way, is it implemented that for the Southern Hemisphere, it's the opposite, at tracks like Bathurst???