View Full Version : Quick race and pitstops

28-09-2015, 17:34
I really enjoy the quick race weekends. I do have a question about them:

For example, when i do a two lap gt3 nordschleife race, all the cars in front of me do a pistop (i guess) after the first lap. My position changes from like place 7 to 1 when i pass pitlane/start. Really gentle but nog very realistic.

Is this a known issue and how can i fix it?

28-09-2015, 18:00
I don't do much quick racing, so I'm not sure if this is an option, but do you have mandatory pit stops turned on? If not then it could be tire wear, how worn are your tires after the first lap? Maybe try re-doing the race with tire wear turned off and see if they still come in.