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28-09-2015, 21:14
As I didn't see a thread on people's cockpit / simulator setups well, I figured I'd start one. So show off your setups, from a simple wheel and pedals with a 19" monitor to full motion triple screen setups let's see them all. Show off a bit and help others by letting them get suggestions from what you've done. To kick things off here's my setup. First the specs then the pretty pictures and video you guys really want.

Hardware List
Custom build gaming PC
- 2 250GB SSD (striped for 2x speed)
- 32 GB Ram
- Core i7, 4Ghz
- Nvidia Titan Z 12GB video card "The Beast" (play Project Cars with every setting at max/ultra - rather stunning)

- Thrustmaster TX500 Wheel base (http://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/products/tx-racing-wheel-servo-base)
- Thrustmaster F430 GT Wheel (http://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/products/599xx-evo-30-wheel-add-alcantara-edition)
(also have the Ferrari 2012 F1 replica wheel)
- Thrustmaster TH8A 7-Speed gated shifter (http://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/products/th8a-add-shifter)
- Fanatec Club Sport Elite pedals, with inversion kit (http://www.fanatec.com/us-en/pedals/csr-elite-pedals-us.html)
- SRH T500 Dashboard (http://simracinghardware.com/product/thrustmaster-t500rs-dash/)
- SRH GTE Pro Shift Light Display (http://simracinghardware.com/product/thrustmaster-gte-pro-race-wheel-plate/)
- ButtKicker Gamer shake/vibration system (http://thebuttkicker.com/gamer2)
- Logitech THX 5.1 Surround (http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Surround-Sound-Speaker-System/dp/B004M18O60)
- Track IR 5 head tracking system (http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/products/trackir5/)
- 3x Samsung 27" Curved 1080p Display (http://www.samsung.com/us/computer/monitors/LS27D590CS/ZA)
- SoundBlaster X-FI USB Soundcard (http://www.soundblaster.com/products/Sound-Blaster-X-Fi-Surround-5-1-Pro.aspx)
- Logitech K830 wireless backlit keyboard w/trackpad (http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/living-room-keyboard-k830?crid=26)
- Small Fans with variable speed controller

And now let's have a look

Walkthrough of my complete system (September, 2015 - version 2.0) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlRHZTCTf4o)

A little driving around Laguna Seca in the Aston Vantage GT4 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRiMkPcbJ-0)

And finally a lap around my local racetrack, High Plains Raceway in Denver, Colorado. This is in my heavily modified Lotus Exige. Have been a certified high speed driving instructor for both BMW and Porsche clubs north America.

Lap of HPR in my Lotus Exige (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9neCzTQozY)

And finally some pictures (these were of version 1.5 without my SRH display/shift lights and SRH Dashboard)



Thanks for looking all, please post up what you've got so I can steal some of your good ideas! And hope you'll steal from me too!!


29-09-2015, 01:14
Dual rigs in my race room. One with the Titan, one with dual 980's. All Fanatec gear. Tactile transducers on both.


My BMW 335i last week at TGPR in Alabama.


29-09-2015, 01:53
VERY nice setup E30 - love the Fanatec shifter and is that a Derek Spears handbrake? Do you find you use it much? Also like the way you capped the top of your inverted pedals, somehow I lost the little caps that came with mine (and they sorta sucked anyway), yours look much nicer.

Question in terms of the video cards - any take on which is better, the single Titan Z or the dual 980's? I struggled with that when I bought my Titan but figured down the road I'd be able to get a used Titan for maybe $500 or less and two of them would keep me on full ultra settings for pretty much all games for years to come.

Also very clean setup, that was one of my goals, I didn't want a bunch of wires and crap distracting from the experience.

29-09-2015, 12:06
That is a Fanatec handbrake. I use it in Dirt Rally, and AC for drifting. It will be useful in the upcoming pCARS 2, I'll just leave it at that.

I think dual 980's is a smoother experience than the Titan X. Not sure pCARS is taking advantage of all the memory on the Titan the way the shadows fill in along guardrails.

29-09-2015, 13:36
I think dual 980's is a smoother experience than the Titan X. Not sure pCARS is taking advantage of all the memory on the Titan the way the shadows fill in along guardrails.

Interesting - I'm also not exactly sure the difference between the X and Z other than I think the Z is the faster/better of the two. Of course I think that because it was more expensive so it's gotta be better, right? At least tell me that given what I spent!!

911 C4S
29-09-2015, 13:56
I finally brought my 911 to a track this season and was hooked from day one. With winter coming I'm going to need a better sim setup to get me through it and prepped for next season. :)

Those are great looking rigs, both the sim rig and track cars. I'm looking to put together a very similar setup to yours, Ross. How do you like your Obutto? Are those 27's sturdy on that mount? I'm about to pull the trigger on the Obutto Revolution with 3 screen mount I think. I need to be able to get some work done at home too and am ditching my conventional desk for this setup. Also don't have the time or resources to build my own cockpit so Obutto Rev is best solution I've seen for the price.

If you (or anyone else) have any advice on getting the hardware together I'd be grateful. I'm starting to put together a skylake build with i7 and 980ti ? I've only bought the psu and ssd for the PC so far so still can make some changes but from what I've read a 980ti should be more than capable to drive 3 monitors. I have 4 monitors currently but no 2 are identical so will likely have to buy 3 of the same ?

Not sure exactly size and specs but I'm thinking 144hz 1080p might be way to go. I'm beyond my initial budget so may have to start with my 24" BenQ (others are non vesa) and look to scoop up some trip's down the road.

Looking forward to seeing other's great ideas and setups for their rigs.

29-09-2015, 16:07
First yes, I pretty much love my Obutto. I have the Ozone, not the Revolution as it's cheaper and I think a little smaller. It's very well built and designed, and rather easy to assemble with simple hand tools, took about 2-3 hours if I remember correctly. The only thing I've seen on the Revolution that looks a bit better are the mounting arms for the monitors. They look far more adjustable where the Ozone's are simpler. Pretty sure 27" is the largest the Ozone will support, that's what I'm using, and they work well. The main thing to check on the monitors is how/where the cables connect to the monitor. The Samsungs I bought sorta suck in that regard as the ports come straight out the back vs. angled/down/side like most TVs. Due to this I had to mount all mine upside down and flip them in the driver which really isn't that big a deal or anything. While I don't usually work at that desk it really could be a fantastic workspace. I happen to have a 24" triple monitor setup in my home office with one of my other PCs and tend to work there mainly because there's natural light, etc. My sim rig is in a basement bedroom so it's rather dark - great for gaming but not so much so for work. I'd say one of the most important things for the monitors is the size of the bezels, the slimmer you can get the better as it'll keep the spacing between them to a minimum so the effect of one big monitor is better preserved.

While a 980ti will drive all 3 monitors just fine you'll most likely have to run Cars (or any current generation game) at medium detail settings. Don't misunderstand, even at those settings things look great, just not as fantastic as full ultra. What I'd suggest is making sure you get a motherboard with dual PCIe slots so down the road you could add a second card to bring the system to ultra settings. As for SSD if your budget allows I'd recommend two smaller ones, say 256GB each and stripe them with hardware RAID so you get a single 512GB drive. When striping drives you essentially get double the speed so it really screams, that's how I built my setup. I have the latest Asus ROG Hero VII motherboard and it's rather fantastic.

Finally probably the biggest hardware purchase is the wheel, pedals, shifter. I have, and like a lot, the Thrustmaster TX that works with both Xbox One and PC. For $500 it's not cheap but is pretty great, save for the pedals suck. I went with the Fanatec CSR Elite with inversion kit which was about $250. For the money they are fantastic and a hugely important component as the brake pedal feels like a brake pedal, not just a stupid spring. Shifter is totally optional as you can just use the paddles, I again have the Thrustmaster TH8A 7 speed and it's great. It even accepts standard shift knobs so I used the knob from my old 350Z (that died on the track, in a wall head no at 50mph). Glad I kept it now.

Let me/us know what other questions you've got. While I've spent about $8k on my system you can build a very nice one for far less, as you're learning it really is the sky's the limit when building one of these.


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Thanks chief, not sure how I missed that thread as it's absolutely what I was looking for. I'll go post over there and if a moderator sees this thread please lock and/or just delete it.