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29-09-2015, 04:21
Race Department, in combination with xbox one and Project Cars, is hosting Saturday races for Historic Lotus F1, GT4, and LMP2. This is our third league at Race Department, where we have been pioneers, guinea pigs, happy campers, and mad as hell while running Project Cars, but the performance is finally catching up with the hype on Xbox. Lobbies are more stable, and we have a few tricks to make them less likely to d/c or crash. Along the way, we have discovered the beauty and depth that Project Cars is, and slowly come to realize that, while the private online multiplayer is still frustrating at times (occasionally someone is booted, lobbies are still unstable in large numbers and crashes to dashboard still happen too frequently) many very troublesome problems have been fixed (pits not working, random and frequent disconnects are gone, and invisible barriers are less common) and the overall experience is deeply satisfying when done right. We have the experience to do it right.

Visit www.racedepartment.com for more information. Race Department is the largest SIM racing site on the web, which races across all three platforms and covers actual race events at the same time. While there, be sure to visit the Project Cars > Leagues > Xbox One / F1 Historic to review the leagues (we are running three at the same time, with F1 bi-weekly and GT4/LMP about once a month).

We are known for being very faithful to the actual series' and very open to newcomers. We run sprint and endurance race formats, no assists, and follow the actual race schedule for that series, when possible. We race on Saturdays at 4:30p EDT U.S. / 9:30p BST so as to allow anyone in North America or Europe to join. We have just kicked off a new season, so you can start the ride with us, and not in the middle. Our members include ex racers, a diversity of Nations, and all age groups. Please come and join the fun. Although we are serious about SIM racing (now on console thanks to Project Cars), we are very laid back about what you choose to race. You can pop in and out or join and take charge of the standings, if you dare!

- OctoberDusk06

29-09-2015, 05:52
Definitely join this site also if you're interested people. Another great group of guys that provide fantastic and realistic league racing!

Dynomight Motorsports
30-09-2015, 00:28
I'm in! I love these cars!

02-10-2015, 01:42
down to join vintage f1 !!!!

Dynomight Motorsports
17-10-2015, 00:14
LMP2 Race Tomorrow at 4pm EST http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/lotus-classic-f1-support-series-thread.111264/