View Full Version : Can't Pit, Please Help!

29-09-2015, 16:10
Suddenly today, I was practicing my pit stops at Brno for tomorrows League race, and my driver just drives by the pit stop in pit lane, every time.
This happened in Multiplayer practice as well as single player practice.
I've tried everything, new pit strategies (not default), with fuel, no fuel, tires, no tires, and he just drives thru pit lane by my pit man who's holding the flag.
Went back to Brands Hatch where everything worked properly on Saturday, and I can't pit there now either.

Is there a post about this, and a solution? What could I have done to have made this happen?

Please help!

29-09-2015, 16:39
Never mind, please delete this thread.

29-09-2015, 16:44
On the off chance someone else is having trouble getting used to pitting, I will say when I had this problem, I mapped request pit to right stick up (as I never really free look up) and that solved all my problems. When I want to pit, flick the stick up, and my engineer is waiting for me.

Hope this helps.