View Full Version : Career Mode Endurance Series (After 4.0)

30-09-2015, 00:07
Hey there,

I'm just wondering why the endurance career hasn't been touched at all since the games release. No new contracts (M3 GT2, Marek Lmp1, Alpine, and Marek Lmp2 belong here haha), No DLC cars (Aston Martin GTE, Audi R18 E-tron, Lola-Aston), and no real changes to the discipline itself (Can we remove GT4:confused:). Since we can't choose our opponents and set time in quick race, i use the career mode for my endurance needs.

Is there some kind of huge overhaul to the endurance series coming? or is it just how i said it above?

Not here to complain, but i'm here just to get some clarification.

30-09-2015, 00:39
I'm not sure the E-Tron has career contracts in LMP1 career either. But it might.

This is kind of strange, since the Aston has GT3 specific contracts and the Lola has LMP1 specific contracts.

It would be nice to see this patched in. I'm torn on the GT4's. I want four classes. I feel like the Caterham SP 300.R and SR8 would have been better choices than having the GT4 class, but it's not the biggest bother.
....also in my release game before patches, the Marek LMP2 did make appearances in the Endurance races I'm pretty sure (at least it did at Watkins Glen) as an AI car. I'm not personally interested in it as a contract, but if it's not it should be addressed, too.

Also the GTE Aston needs to be patched to run in the endurance races. It's in the freakin' Endurance spec GTE hardware!

Also there's another thread about this already.