View Full Version : Understanding AI strategy in QRW Solo

30-09-2015, 05:59
Hi folks,

Its happened a few times now and I'd like to just get a better understanding of how the AI works (so I can adjust AI strength, pit-stop strategy etc). Here goes:

GT3 class and grid of 25
Player in V12 Vantage GT3
25 lap race
AI strength at 92%
Normal tyre/fuel and realistic damage
Starting position 20
In warm-up, I place at best 8th to 12th fastest against AI.

Race starts. Position 20
I physically overtake about 5 AI cars by around lap 7. Position 15
By lap 12, I'm in position 5 without seeing/overtaking any cars (I assume some AIs have pitted so that's fine)
I pit on lap 14 and come out in position 16, again as expected.
Overtake another car or two. Position 14
By lap 22 I'm in second place and hold this until the end of the race

Question/Confusion: How do I know what the default AI strategy is based on the number of laps. E.g. Are they doing one or two stop strategies?

Seems rather unrealistic to be going from 20 to podium in 25 laps especially when there are no DNFs.

I don't know if its poor AI pit strategy that handed me the podium or that I've simply caught up to everyone, which I think is not possible seeing as I only managed 10th fastest in warm-up... :confused:

Any help appreciated.