View Full Version : Crackling ,popping engines sound .... other audio (music etc...) is perfect....!!

30-09-2015, 13:45
as the topic says.... :-)

it's a strange thing , the audio works well but the engine sounds is terrible : crackling,noisy,stutter etc....

it's a known issue ?

thanks to all..... ;-)


30-09-2015, 14:10
Please help me ... i really like this game but the sound is terrible!!

There's a workaround for this issue ?

Thanks again....

30-09-2015, 14:45
I sometimes also feel that the engine sound from the chase view is clipping.

30-09-2015, 14:53
i use the inside camera view , but all other views do the same. Especially with the RUF ! The strange thing is that this happens not on every car , but on some cars...

30-09-2015, 15:01
i have checked the volume section of the game , and the volume is all set at 100% , maybe is too high? just wondering.... thinking about clipping.... :-/

30-09-2015, 15:19
all comments are VERY appreciated.... lol ;-))

01-10-2015, 13:41
It was a pleasure no thanks :)
No seriously. .... I have also sometimes issues with the sound .
In online race you can have this crackling noise to when following as spectator one off the drivers .
Also sometimes the sound off the engine go's almost away .
A solutions I can't give you for your problem (s ) but I'm sure that the DEV'S are looking in to that .
And if you believe that ..... I can tell you that I'm the pope speaking to you in first persona.