View Full Version : What a fantastic game this is......

30-09-2015, 22:51
Recently built myself a decent pc with an I5 4690k oc'd to 4.5ghz and a gtx970 gpu, so I'm able to run project cars with most of the graphics settings on ultra and getting a solid 60fps. My g25 wheel together with the jack spade ffb files feels absolutely spot on.

I've been playing pc driving sims for years, I used to play rfactor with my old none ffb Microsoft sidewinder wheel, but this game is on another level in terms of graphics, handling, physics etc.

I've just been racing a mate online, both in the Mercedes SLS GT3 around Nordschleife, both lapping within two seconds of each other, talk about immersion! I was there!

Just thought with all the negative things you read about project cars, that I'd just like to say I think it's bloody fantastic, by far the best driving sim I've ever seen and played, just started the career mode too today so I think me and project cars are gonna have a long and rosey future together! :witless:

01-10-2015, 00:04
I agree 100%, all these people complaining about Project Cars need to get a life, it's an awesome game, no game is a real sim but this is pretty close and if you enjoy it what does it matter anyway, it's far and away the best racing game I have played. I think GTR2 is really good but just lacks the polish, feel and atmosphere that Project Cars has.