View Full Version : Car continues to lap under AI control after race ends - forever!

02-10-2015, 09:52
did a search and couldn't find anything.

Online multiplayer with AI filling grid.

session settings:
- On-line multiplayer (private lobby)
- Brands Hatch GP
- Group A cars
- 8 laps
- Merc 190E
- Weather one time slot cloudy
- 12 noon, real time progression
- 90 min warm up
- AI filling grid (x6) @ 75%

I started the race as an online practice session so just me and 6 AI.
Came in 4th and car circulated under AI control after crossing the line.
I waited for the other cars to finish and the session just continued until all the AI finally made it back to the pits and my car just continued to circulate another lap. Only way out was to Exit the session.

Had this once before with other 'real' players (5 of us I think) with the same session settings at Catalunya.

Only noticed this after latest patch - anyone else experienced this?


02-10-2015, 13:33
had the same with patch 2.0 and 3.0 on PS4, sometimes AI would go out for 3-4 laps after race finish, and then eventually come into pits if fuel was allowing that, car would park out of line in pit lane, staggered to the right of rest if vehicles...and would get stuck like that forever until one quit session, same on patch 4.0. u can tell sometimes it glitches out when vehicle sounds get all messed up or vehicles in pit lane start shivering and shaking...