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02-10-2015, 19:59
This is something that has beenn bugging me for a while, there's NO WAY to select your race strategy without covering a full distance vs AI.

The tool that should help you is broken. You just can not trust the estimations you get in the strategy screen, they're miles off!

Here's an example:


Going into this race the estimations said that a pitstop in which you get tyres and fuel took EXACTLY the same time than a fuel only stop, as long as you took more than 24 litres.

That strongly hinted than refueling and tyre change happened at the same time, as you would expect with this kind of cars). Then you pit, take the chance to get a free tyre change and BAM, you lose 10+ seconds compared to someone who just refueled, all thanks to the strategy screen "help".

So, any plans to fix this? You should either make the pit crew work simultaneous for these cars OR reflect the fact that it won't be like that in the estimation.

Roger Prynne
02-10-2015, 21:46
Thanks for the info and I've Reported it.

03-10-2015, 07:23
In addition to that, I'm wondering why repairs don't seem to take any time at all? Would be nice to spend more time in pits if you have a damage and want it to get repaired ;)

But maybe this is all connected to the pit crew and will be solved when we have them?

03-10-2015, 08:44
I've noticed the tire changing sound doesn't happen until the refueling is complete. is that a common rule?

03-10-2015, 09:02
Ye... pit crew can't multi-task. Or you need to stop being such a peasant and hire some extra hands. So refuelling, tire changes etc happen together.
In some competitions the number of pit crew are limited and/or what they can do. Some races have no refuelling. I wonder if it's all getting sorted with/without pit crew.
Would that mean additional MP/race options to set race rules eg mandatory pit stops, tire/fuel restrictions etc...
Things that have been mentioned and discussed already. It'll be interesting to see how it pans out.
It'll have a big impact in competition I reckon. So far lacking in outright pace I've managed to skip refuelling or tire changes to stay competitive. The extended box time has worked to my favour ;)

03-10-2015, 13:14
I've noticed the tire changing sound doesn't happen until the refueling is complete. is that a common rule?

Currently, yes. The pitstop rules for each class are suppose to be implemented with the pit crews.

03-10-2015, 17:25
Yeah. To me the pitstops are the most disappointing and arcade-like aspect of the game. I find the driving model and racing to be pretty sim-like and satisfying. But the whole no-control in pits, damage doesn't affect pit time, pit times are mostly the same for all car classes, etc .. .. well, it needs some love and work, let's say. ;)

I'd really like to see pitstop "style" vary by racing class. Like, as mentioned, some classes can't refuel at all. Other times you can't refuel while changing tires .. etc. We all know.
And the damage fixing. PLEASE! Damage takes time to fix. It makes it all more exciting and strategic. What damage is essential to fix, and what can the driver blow off and just deal with.
... not to mention that damage doesn't seem to have much effect on driving the car (the damage implementation also needs work, and is IMO on the arcadey side of sim -- but back on topic)
As well, I find the in-game pit interface to be clunky. Not sure how to put it in words .. just ... clunky. Currently, modifying pit settings is in-efficient and doesn't always seem to stick. Such as if I want to tell them to give me fuel, but not tires, and fix only the front aero damage.
And then the pit time should be adjusted accordingly.

Another very cool thing (prolly to look into for pCARS 2 tho, I'd guess) would be for your pit crew to gain experience (in career mode, of course) for faster pitting .. and less experienced crews also have a chance of messing up (not putting the bolts on your tire tight enuf .. i've seen it happen many a time in races where someone's wheel just comes flying off or starts wobbling)
Or even be able to hire more experienced crew (but now I'm getting into more career mode oriented requests ... so I'll just shut up now ;) :P


Roger Prynne
05-10-2015, 12:58
Quote from Bruno....

According to the info i've got this is expected, by default the estimations have a margin of error plus the driving style and changes he made will add to this margin.
The time it takes on pits with damaged cars vs cars only fueling, is still under discussion to see what we can do to improve this.

05-10-2015, 13:34
? Don't think he understood the issue to be fair, he mixed up different things: fuel consumption estimations and pitstop time estimations. Your Driving and setup do alter fuel consumption per lap potentially making consumption estimations be off by a small margin. But no one is talking about that here, we talk about the time it takes the crew to complete their work VS the estimated time provided in the strategy screen.

It's not a matter of estimations being 10% off or something. The problem is they go up and down with the premise that the pitcrew will do wheel changes and refuel at the same time in this class (Formula C). Then you pit and until refueling is done no one touches a wheel.

If you just refuel the estimations are actually very precise. It's just that the pitcrew won't change tyres and refuel at the same time in classes where they should.