View Full Version : [KNOWN ISSUE] Bug in single player qualifying after latest patch

03-10-2015, 09:46
sorry for bothering you again, but i found another (minor) bug in single player.

did a race in oschersleben, just qualfying and race, no other session. but game sent me to free practice instead of qualifying. i skipped that, then i was on the starting grid of the race, qualfying never took place!;)
repeated that a couple of times, always the same.

the workaround right now is to choose a free practice before qualifying and skip it then. of course i can live with that. but it would be great if this (small) issue could be fixed. i gotta apologise if somebody else already has reported this. :rolleyes:

made a small video about that:

03-10-2015, 13:12
It's in the Known Issues list (check my signature).

04-10-2015, 16:18
It's in the Known Issues list (check my signature).

ok, so i deleted the video and you can close this thread.