View Full Version : fair racing tonight (03.10.2015) about 20.00 CEST

03-10-2015, 12:57

tonight (Saturday, 03.10.15) I will race online with a friend. We are not very good, but we try to drive fair and we donīt rage quit. We are looking for players who play for fun and drive fair. If you like to join look for "tafkab76" (thatīs me) or "marman666".

We will be online from about 20.00 CEST (German time) to 00.00. Our favourite tracks are Le Mans, Laguna Seca, Oulton International, Road America, California Highway and tonight I would like to focus on Spa.

See you on the track,

Steffen (tafkab76)!

P.S.: Usually we donīt use voice chat, because we chat in Party Mode to complain about our wives (...), but if you are interested in communicating send us a message and weīll give it a try. (German and English)