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03-10-2015, 17:13
Hello everyone. 1st up let me tell you I like my PjCars.
It's about them curb campers, who just stop. So when you hit the perfect apex you will crash into him.
-I think a 1 second timer when you stand still should make you a ghost.
-Further more there should be a vote kick system.
-If you stand still three times like this you should be kicked automatically.
I haven't played as much as a veteran but I do like my PjCars. It ruins the game. I have encountered 2-3 servers out of 20 were there is at least 1 guy/woman doing it. My 1st experience was at least three, who did the curb camping or standing in the middle of the road. Please address this, if only just for me ;). Thank you for reading this, take care and God bless.
Sincerley a wannabe race

Umer Ahmad
03-10-2015, 18:05
Sorry you have to play with these campers. More safety and voting will be coming soon to help cleanup these problem guys.