View Full Version : Pretty bad and very random FPS problem after downloading the new DLC pack...

03-10-2015, 19:22
Hey there fellow racers,

So let me start by saying I have no idea what's going on! Cause I really don't. I just downloaded the new DLC with the Astons and the Mojave Test Tracks which was running beautifully for probably like 10 races with 10 laps each and about 18 other cars on the track. Then suddenly, on lap 3 of a run around cougar ridge my FPS cut itself down by like 75%. It went from usual 110+ down to 20 something or less. I restarted the game and everything and now it's doing it from the get go. Any ideas? I'm running 2 8GB 980m's in SLI, i7 4980MX(I think those are the last 2 letters lol), 32GB outputting to an Asus MG279 at 144Hz 1440p and waaaaay more than enough cooling going on in this beast as well as a giant cooling pad. I've never had this problem before. Let me know what you think it could be.

03-10-2015, 19:27
In addition, I just tried playing around with Dirt Rally and for some reason the same thing is happening with all games it seems. Dirt Rally usually runs at above 130 fps for me and it's not even playable right now.