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03-10-2015, 19:40
Is the freecam-mode (ctrl-k) being implemented as a feature in coming patches? I really hope so. I want to get closer to the windscreen (but i don't want to loose speed-sensation as i do when turning down FOV) and then the ctrl-K option is perfect for this. To bad the setting cannot be saved so i have to adjust the camera for each race. So i hope this will be a official feature in Pcars where anyone can choose their view when driving and be able to save it.

Here is cockpit-view with FOV 119

Here is freecam activated and the camera zoomed in towards the windscreen. I loose the sideview-mirrors but for immersion this view feels better for me.

04-10-2015, 09:16
I agree.
Furthermore, it should be great, for console users with button box, to allow the assignment of the freecam to another key than ctrl+k and the use of the same seat position keys to move the freecam (instead of qweasd keys we should use the seat up/dwn fwd/bwd and angle keys...).
I can use also another keyboard with the button box but the setting is not saved per car so I loose time before each race...