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03-10-2015, 20:22
I am new to Project Cars and I am currently playing the career mode in Xbox One (Zero to Hero). I am currently in season 2 and I have already done many invitational events. My question is: do I need to enable anything special so my races in career mode have mandatory pit stops. I ask this because as of now I haven't yet had a race where I have to pit. I play at 65% race length if that makes a difference, so most races are 5-12 laps.
Should I increase the race length? will that force cars to pit? Or do I need to enable something different?
Thanks for your help

03-10-2015, 20:56
Mandatory pit stops are only in certain race series , gt4 has one in its main race as do the clio's and I think ginetta gt5 . Gt3 also has them . 65% race distance isn't an issue