View Full Version : Treating forums like prisons

04-10-2015, 18:23
The prisoners become more prone to riot.
Feel free to discuss befor it's closed.
Just saying.
Lack of freedom isn't cool.



Not at all a car request thread. Not even close mod/guards
This could have been I
An interesting convo, but it's like nazi Germany's around here.

And I have been noticing the ban hammer a lot, or at least. Banned individuals and left over posts everywhere.
It's like gestapo around here.
Hide it in the AI thread or attached (fixed in 4.0) to everything now?
See you later

Just an observation, but you guys ever consider you create more trolls and dissent with heavy handed moderating?

PzR Slim
04-10-2015, 18:24
Their forum, their rules. Prison, honestly, get over yourself ;)

04-10-2015, 18:27
If the moderators wouldn't moderate the board it would very soon get pretty messed up with 387323 threads with the same topics.
They are needed so that you and i can find what we are looking for easier, and that people behave, as they should.

04-10-2015, 18:31
And references to them being "Nazi" and "Gestapo"??

I'd choose my terminology a bit better than that if I were you

TheReaper GT
04-10-2015, 18:38
Lack of common sense ain't cool either. You always express yourself as the only one who knows the truth. In the api thread, despite your, yes yours, lack of knowledge about the matter you posted several times accusing sms of trying to say they were the first to do something, even knowing that no one on sms said such thing, despite the fact that they really are the first. You like to shake things up, to disturb in name of a concealed laugh.

04-10-2015, 18:39
Yeah, can't agree with you at all, maybe some fresh air and a sense of perspective would be good for you.

Nazi's? Seriously?

04-10-2015, 18:40
I'd have to side with the Mod in this instance.

Your thread is exactly what the original thread is there for. You can express your opinion on which cars you feel are missing. No matter how you word it you are telling the devs which cars you wanted in the game. This is a request by anybody's definition.

You might not have intended it that way but that is how it came across.

Launching attacks on the mods is not going to do you any favours in the long run. Troublemakers get noticed quicker than those who follow the rules.

04-10-2015, 18:44
Feel free to leave if you don't like it here. As PzR Slim already stated, it's SMS's forum so SMS's rules. If having a set of rules to keep a forum functional is the same to you as a prison and you think that a 'heavy moderating hand' creates more trolls, I think your perspective on things is more than a little skewed.

And comparing SMS and us mods with nazis because you don't see that another 'most wanted cars for pCARS' thread is really something to discuss in the existing car request thread is just beyond any decent conversation attitude. You probably think that it's just your honest opinion (or maybe a 'painful truth') and comparing people to nazis is something that is perfectly normal if you disagree with what they do, but have a week off to reconsider your attitude.