View Full Version : Replay quick fade

Sea Skimmer
04-10-2015, 19:35
Is it just me or does it bug anyone else in replay mode when it does that quick fade between camera's ?

When you watch a real race, whatever it may be, the cameras never do a quick fade to the next camera view they just change. I watch a lot of my replays and I don't know why but the fades are really noticeable the more times I watch a reply.

Any chance we can lose the fades and just have it change from camera to camera ?

04-10-2015, 19:45
I think not. AFAIK it was introduced with new detailed grass system. When the cams were switching without fade-outs it was visible that grass is appearing a fraction of second later. It looked pretty crappy. This is not 100% info because I don't remember it was confirmed by the devs.