View Full Version : VR shadows are still broken

05-10-2015, 00:39
Hey guys, just letting you know that VR shadows are still broken. It's been some months since this visually atrocious bug was introduced and I just thought I should let you know that you haven't fixed it yet. Because it's still broken. As in shadows show in one eye and not the other. So massively, visibly broken; yet so easily fixable. Aww shucks, that makes Project Cars neck-and-neck the worst VR simulation currently available along with a handful of other titles.

As we all know VR is one of the pillars that will make or break future car simulation IPs and much like a simulation lacking reasonable visuals, wheel support or realistic physics, any simulation not supporting VR properly will go bankrupt and be mocked. Don't let this be you, Project Cars team!! :) Have a fun day!!! :)

Please feel free to sticky this post if you forget what you were doing about this. I don't mind! I'm happy to help! :)

(Oh, by the way! You also removed the rain texture from the player helmet during VR simulation. I don't know why because it looked super great and now driving in the rain is exactly as irritating as driving in real rain, with absolutely no visual payoff at all.)