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05-10-2015, 09:14
Just was doing a Formula B race at Silverstone with a friend in private lobby, inluding 20 AI.
20 laps, 7x tyre consumption, real weather.

Bug 1:
no matter which tyres we were choosing in the pits, we always got soft tyres although we were choosing different ones (1x medium, 1x rain) and saved the strategy when entering pits
(it started to rain at the end of the race and we had to go on with slicks). obviously, game tends to put on tyres you were using at start. tried a single race later in rain strating on wets, trying to switch to soft tyres just for fun, but game did not let me.
Bug 2:
2 AI drivers went through to the end without pitting (7x tyre wear, 20 laps!!!) and without loosing speed. Of course, they won the race by miles.

Bug 3: Many of the AI which were in the pits managed to go to the end on slicks in heavy rain without any problems

Bug 4: In german version, there are no intermediate tyres when you are in pit menu during race using Formula B's

05-10-2015, 11:35
oops, saw that there are already threads bout this issue. sorry. you can close this thread.:orange: