View Full Version : elements that don't work

06-10-2015, 07:31
Hi, is it possible to have a sticky of what elements in the game don't work as they should, like Camber for instance.

Also on what platform too.

If everything was in one place then people would know and wouldn't have to keep asking questions etc.

06-10-2015, 08:51
There's already 'known issues' threads for each platform and they are stickied in the respective technical forums.

Problem is, they aren't 100% up to date. I don't know who decides what gets added to the list - maybe Elmo or other mods would appreciate a nudge to help them keep those threads updated with new/missing issues? I'd have thought keeping a single thread active for each issue would be to the benefit of everyone, mods, devs and forum members alike.

But then of course, lots of people don't bother reading and/or commenting on the posts linked in the known issues threads. Many seem to prefer creating their own threads and embellish them somewhat with drama and histrionics. I can't see that changing, it's likely we'll always have to wade through a load of pap in the search for information.