View Full Version : Multiplayer Default setups option post patch 4.0 not working

06-10-2015, 09:15
So patch 4.0 brings the option to force default setups in multiplayer.

Our league was thinking of running a series where everyone would run with default setups.

So we were looking at what car to drive, and looking at the force default setup option and discovered once in the lobby, all setup options were unlocked, car could be tuned and not forced to default.

Question is, is the force default setup option supposed to lock these out, or change all setups back to default upon entering lobby yet then allow retuning?

Or is something broken and not working as it supposed to?

Car was Ginetta GT4, tracks were Dubai International, National, Sakitto to start with.

06-10-2015, 09:26
Same with FG1000 can't get it to work. And I'm not sure how it's suppose to be working either (can you change tyre pressure in a pit stop etc.)

Hopefully this is being investigated.

06-10-2015, 10:16
Well, I'd think with default setups everything should be locked to default, except tyre pressures and fuel load.