View Full Version : Strange race start in online mode - BUG!

07-10-2015, 11:56
Well yesterday I was playing online, went to the qualify session, made my lap and then proceeded to the race.

Waited for some seconds and as soon as the race screen appeared, all players started to race without the red/green light even showing. Then I thought I was late and started my race. Then I got a penalty for early start and then the red/green light showed up.

Unfortunately I had to quit this session.

Afterwards I tried again. made my qualify lap and waited for the race. The same pattern occurred again. This time I thought "these guys are probably getting a race start penalty" . I will wait here for the green/red light. After 15 seconds the red/green light appeared I started my race with half a lap behind the last one. The other cars didnīt get a penalty.... And then I quit again...

I thought this is a terrible bug with the synchronizing system of this game.

Thanks in advance.


07-10-2015, 22:30
Nobody has experienced this. Would Internet connection be possibly the culprit? Anyway the mismatch was weird.