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09-10-2015, 07:46
Just walked away disheartened from a DNF in the Freefall 24h of Bathurst because my co-driver apparently felt he could do his entire overnight stint without pitting. Was waiting for him to pit just to verify all would be well before I turned in for the night only to see him sputtering to a stop as he climbed the hill towards The Cutting. Is this a bug or did I overlook something in some settings somewhere?

Apart from being involved in a crash taking out himself, someone he was racing for position and a lapped car in the 24h of Le Mans, which obviously resulted in a DNF, I've had no real issue with the co-driver. His pit strategies still leave me scratching my head at times, based on how he handled the 24h of Le Mans, the Panorama 25h, and Nurburgring 25h, but he got through his stints just fine otherwise. But refusing to pit - this just baffles me. Anyone else ever have this issue? Is this something local to this particular event? Never had the co-driver refuse to pit, even in various QRW sessions that I ran to test how he works under a variety of conditions. If anything, he always pits far earlier than necessary, or pits excessively because he can't seem to figure out tire strategy on his own.

Can only assume something's bugged as I hadn't changed anything other than Flag/Penalties since the last batch of 24h races that I ran, and that was only to turn Flags/Penalties back off since I had turned them back on for the various Career sprint races. The last patch update occurred since I last ran a 24h race and tonight's race - only other thing I can really think of that's changed.

Dynomight Motorsports
10-10-2015, 02:17
that is why you have to map the "Pit In" Button on your wheel or controller. :( I know you would think the AI could pit on their own but apparently not. I've yet to use an AI-Co-Driver.

10-10-2015, 05:06
I don't think OP is suggesting that the AI isn't coming to let him take over again, it's that the AI isn't pitting and refueling himself when you aren't there to take over. Surely the game doesn't intend for you to wake up every ~60 minutes of AI drive time on a 24-25 hour race overnight to take control from AI and manually refuel, then hand control back to AI again for the next 60 minute stint? Have never heard of this problem before of the AI not pitting on it's own, and surely we would have at some point in the last 5 months.

Maybe this weekend I'll test this one, but might also have to wait until Monday.

i've never used the AI in any races, prior to the suggested bug here, did AI pit using your specified pit strategies, or did they use their own?

10-10-2015, 05:27
It is, but that's not the issue unless something was changed in the last patch concerning the AI co-driver's ability to pit. I've never had to manually instruct him to pit in the other 24h races I ran. Otherwise, he'd never had made it through any of the 8+ hour stints overnight on his own in the past.

Haven't had a chance to run any new tests in QRW yet to see if the co-driver's behavior has indeed changed or if it's something that happens to be localized to that one particular event.

OpticalHercules is correct in his assumption. On that note, the success rate of the AI co-driver using his own pit strategies seems iffy at best. I have had him use his own strategies in some QRW tests. Otherwise, I've had to set a strategy that calls for him taking tires every single pit stop even when it's not necessary while the rest of the field can double stint tires just like I can. Made the mistake in the Panorama 25h event of not setting tires on his initial strategy and he got to the point where he was pitting every lap because the tires were absolutely destroyed. (Although, I could be doing something wrong strategy-wise to begin with. Never looked into it in depth.)

Yea, I would have thought if this is a bug, someone would have caught it by now, but if I'm not mistaken, the Freefall 24h was one of the events that was bugged in that it couldn't unlock until one of the last two patches was pushed through? Correct me if I' wrong.

10-10-2015, 15:42
I will play with this and see if I can replicate it, maybe this weekend, maybe monday.

How did you specify whether the AI used your pit strat or used his own? Just set "Default" to yes when you change driver for him to use his own?

11-10-2015, 00:26
Just ran a couple long QRW's using the co-driver running all but the first lap. Once at Monza and once at Bathurst, both in the Gumpert (since that was the car I used in the Freefall 24h). Both races the co-driver pitted without interference from me, so that's a plus and still leads me to wonder if it's a bug local to the Freefall event.

If I'm not mistaken, we can run multiple seasons at once, yes? If so, I may open a second season and skip forward to the Freefall 24h so I can give that particular event an additional test run myself.

Regarding strats:
Ran Monza using a personalized strat which he followed but unfortunately destroyed his tires and pitted every lap in the last five laps because the strat didn't call for a tire change. He also only dumped 20l in the tank since that's what the strat called for. He ran the strat correctly, but it's unfortunate he can't make his own decision when it comes to completely worn tires.

Ran Bathurst using the Default strat and it appears the co-driver made his own decisions regarding fuel since I know the strat called for 115.5l of fuel and he dumped in ~50l - enough to cover the remaining laps. Didn't get to see how he handles tires over multiple stops though. Need to up the tire deg for an additional run.

11-10-2015, 14:47
You can run multiple driver profiles each with it's own season progression, but each needs to earn it's own invitations. You also cannot skip the main races for your chosen career, only the invitationals.

Good luck with that testing. Maybe was just a one-off thing or something isolated to that one track/event. Both are good to know.

11-10-2015, 23:04
Hmm...not particularly keen on redoing whatever requirements are necessary to unlock it again, unless it's something simple. Not sure what the requirement is. Might be easier to wait until it cycles back around in my existing career since I have fewer things to push through than I originally thought.

03-12-2015, 19:56

Finally got around to running this event again over the past day. AI co-driver pitted when needed under his own power. All is good. Must have been a fluke the first time around. And just for completeness' sake, I used the exact same car as I did the first time.