View Full Version : Any solution to the horrible In-Game chat quality?

Loki C346
09-10-2015, 12:49
I have a weekly race league with some guys at work and this week we finally had more than 8 people, so we could no longer use the PS4 Party Chat. The quality is just horrible, worse than the old original Xbox days. One guy straight up left during Qualifying because he couldn't stand it. Is there any possible fix or work around? I can forgive crashes and poor menu design, but the game chat quality is so so bad....

09-10-2015, 13:07
Yep, it's bloody awful. And it seems the more people join, the worse it gets - probably as bandwidth gets diluted further.
XBL chat was leagues better than this.

Is it an SMS or Sony thing?

Loki C346
09-10-2015, 13:11
I wouldn't think it is on Sony's end as their Party Chat quality is perfectly acceptable

Umer Ahmad
09-10-2015, 13:58

Loki C346
09-10-2015, 17:05
Thanks, I couldn't find that from my previous searches. Greatly looking forward to seeing the progress made.