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Michael Janke
09-10-2015, 14:54
Info´s about our Multiclass - GT3 and LMP racing at pCars-Events Race Series

- We are racing in a Championship with 1 Race per event.
- We will have Practice and Qualifying sessions.
- There will be Leaderboards, Standings and Race Calendars.
- Live Broadcast on Twitch
- 7 Normal Race (1 Hour)
- 1 Strike Result
- Different Standings for GT3 and Lmp2 Class
- Team Championship ( Mixed Teams, one driver in Lmp2 and one in GT3 Class )

- 1 Extra Point for Pole Position for each class

Time of the Event
Every Thursday (from 22.10.2015 on):

- 9:00 PM Central European Time
- 8:00 PM UK

Duration of the Event
7pm : Practice 1 : 60 During this session, the invitations will be sent to all participants
8pm : Qualifying : 30 Minutes (Official Event Start )
Warmup : 10 Minutes
Race : ~60 Minutes

Live Weather from myweather2.com

Assists, Damage & Realism
Assists [Real]
ABS [-]
Stability Control [-]
Traction Control [-]
Damage [FULL]
Mechanical Failure [ON]
Tyre Wear X2]
Engine Start [AUTO]
Flags & Rules [ON]

Flying Start [YES]


Race Calender
coming soon

More infos you get in our forum :

Michael Janke
09-10-2015, 14:54
Info´s about the registration :

For this mixed class series of LMP2 and GT3 cars we request that everyone taking part please write down which car you will be using.

There will be a team championship as well as the driver championship. Teams will have 1 LMP2 driver and 1 GT3 driver.

Your choice of car will stay for the whole season, so choose wisely.

All entrants must find their own team mate. If this method does not work by the sign up deadline then a draw will be made. We want to give everyone a chance to form their own teams first though.

Please only sign up if you are prepared to stick the whole series out. If you can't race this or that race for whatever reason, other than an emergency obviously, then please don't sign up.

09-10-2015, 20:58
I'm up for this just need to acquire a team mate?
Zorbical, Chig, Marshall??
Your team mate needs you.

Michael Janke
09-10-2015, 21:50
Hey Sproket great you are in :) Yes you need a mate, one of you drive in the gt3 and the other in the lmp2 class. You not find a mate, we can give you maybe someone from our group ;)

Michael Janke
10-10-2015, 12:54
We have the first 3 Teams for the Season : Link (http://www.pcars-events.de/t85f22-Multiclass-GT-and-Lmp-Racing-Series-Teams.html#msg494)

Michael Janke
11-10-2015, 11:20
Tonight we have the second Testrace for the upcoming Multiclass Series, 40 laps of Sakitto !

Next Team for Multiclass Series confirmed : Shaun Hood and Wolff Hoffmann !

We have now 6 Teams for the next Season, only 1 Team Spots free at the moment.

Edit : only 1 Team Spot free

Michael Janke
19-10-2015, 10:03
Race Calender for the Multiclass Series

more in our forum : www.pcars-events.de

24-10-2015, 21:04
Results from Round 1:


Michael Janke
25-10-2015, 11:59

More info´s about the Championship in our Forum : www.pcars-events.de

29-10-2015, 10:39
This evening sees round 2 of the championship take place at Monza. It's sure to be another great race at the iconic motorsports venue.