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09-10-2015, 22:59
I hope, i am not opening "Pandora's box" here by just mentioning this topic.


Before i come to the real issue (title) a little introduction of mine. I am 42 years old and a FLIGHT-simmer for over 13 years (LockOn aka DCS now, Falcon 4.0 aka Falcon BMS today, IL-2 Sturmovik, Cliffs over Dover and IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad etc. etc.) with the virtual callsign =A.S= and very well known worldwide in those "circles". It all started with becoming a member of a Squadron (=RvE=) back in 2004, who won two times the European Fortis Dogfight Championship. Later i became the main "driver" and organisator of the "Team Combat League" with over 700 members. Today i am an admin (one of many) of the www.falcon-online.org community with over 4000 members. 1-2 weeks ago i (re-)discovered another competitive and interesting simulation area.. racing sims! ..and so far, i am loving it! Racing sims indeed "grew up" alot over the last years.


As one can imagine, the very nature of competitive games or sims is winning and loosing (besides killing time and entertainment) and hence, it is accompanied with technical "fair play environment?" questions.
Therefore my question is, IF pCARS has an in-built protection system or ACP as the title says - similar to iRacing? Tbh. i havenīt digged into the folders and files yet to answer this for myself.

My question is more pointed towards the developers rather than looking for general opinions of users. IF yes.. very good!, but what kind of?
IF not, maybe i can connect the right people and help out here (in this case please contact me only via PM or mail).

I have seen "lua script" and "shared memory" in pCARS and both are no strangers to me. Although i am not a pro-coder (a friend is, who works on an ACP project for quite a while), from what i understand, the main problems ACPs face nowadays are manipulations on their own level (ACP hacked) or net-protocols intercepted and those "hacked". Cheating has become much more sophisticated than just "file manipulations" (memory hacks i.e) and the protection-methods have evolved accordingly.

Rare cases of "cheatings" have never been the real problem as such (those come and go), but a trustworthy environment, in which "fair play" can be expected was always important as this raised and killed the e-Sports aspects and attempts of simulations and games - literally. It is the very foundation to develope and grow virtual e-sports environments upon.

So (i havenīt found anything in the forums) if there is nothing done atm, are there any intentions to provide an ACP with pCARS?