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10-10-2015, 23:16
Hi all,

I hope the mods and/or devs see this (this is the right area for it, right?).
I got some bugs in 4.0, all of these offline:

- I still, sometimes, get hold on pit. Just cant quit the pits. This is very rare and uneasy to reproduce.

- Opposite Lock Help turns off automatically every time I restart the game.

- At night, or at the rain, I can still see reflexes (I refer to the track mirroring the cars image or the lights reflected on the ground) on the ground while the cars are inside the pits and Im driving on the straight line behind and outside the pits. It is something like the light goes through the wall, ignoring the barrier.

- Snetterton 200, full grid, 30x weather change, all random weather. Everybody, or almost everybody, pits. My car turn itself a ghost, in order to avoid collision. Is that a bug or supposed to happen? Well, at least I dont get damage inside the pits.

- The famous Nurburgring curve, carousel, the one that the ground is 45 degrees in order to help you steer... It is almost impossible to do it with the controller. Everything goes wrong, the car ground hits the track ground several times per second, you just have to go trough the way on the right - up.

- Suzuka and Mojave seems to have some strange distortions on the regular physics. The car suddenly changes it behavior, it goes unstable and some unexplained spins may happen. Every time I drive on these places, the car seems that is about to spin, always. And when it does, it does suddenly and without any reasonable explanation.

- I read in some forums and manuals that the tire pressure is supposed to be related with tire temperature. In Project Cars, that doesn't work. Worst of all, even researching, I saw no ways of having any kind of controlling the tire temperature. I tried cambers setups, tire pressures and some other stuff... Except when I tried a drift setup, that raised up the temperature of the back tires, I cant control the tires temperature. I have some problems with overheating with no solution. And in some other tracks, less often, underheating.... I also have more time wear than the IA in most tracks, most because of overheating, but in some tracks, like the Chinese one, my tires endure more than theirs.

Also, but was reported already:
- Tires changes to soft after pitting, after 4.0 .

EDIT: At the end, it was more than 5, cant edit title although.