View Full Version : lap counter sometimes fails to work

12-10-2015, 13:01
hi guys

im having a problem in career mode, sometimes the lap counter doesn't work i was doing the gt4 on a asia track in 11th place it also said that is was in 20th place when it happened to me this isn't the first time it has happened it has done it in other classes aswell.

has this happened to anybody else?

also on the asia pacific race 2 i had to do a mandatory pit on lap 2 on couldn't change tyres as all pits were full every time i went in 3 times and it was the same.

12-10-2015, 13:58
lap counter, timings and deltas, also problematic. have found some posts about it, but seems not to be of importance. since not fixed and still facing issues and have read some similar posts. (i am almost....sure....whatever is not reproducible is ignored by studio)

12-10-2015, 18:38
im sure that they can fix it all but have decided that the online stuff is more important