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13-10-2015, 09:51
I'm using Project Cars from Steam. I have two users (myself and my young son). I want to make the game very easy for him (simple AI, lots of assists turned on, damage turned off, automatic gears, etc), but to make it more realistic for me.
I've opened the game from two different Windows 10 user accounts, but found that the profile was persistent between them.
I created a new driver for my son, but found that the settings listed above also persist between drivers.

Am I missing something here, or is this functionality broken?



13-10-2015, 11:53
The settings are stored "per Steam/pCARS installation". If it's on the same computer, there will only be one profile. You'd have to manually switch them which is possible, but you'll have to manually do it. The profile "file" is located:

<<your drive\folder>> \Steam\userdata\<your Steam ID>\234630\local\project cars\profiles\default.sav

You'd have to make a profile then copy "default.sav" to another name. Then make your adjustments and save them to the existing default.sav. You'd have to copy in the "default.sav" in place that you want for the driver (it's also possible to script this).

Mad Al
13-10-2015, 23:14
You could try setting up a separate steam account for the lad and then use family sharing.. that way you share the game with him, but because he has his own account, the profile is stored in his bit of steam, so is unique to him (which means all the settings will be too)

I assume family sharing works OK with Project CARS as I've never tried it myself..

14-10-2015, 10:22
Thanks for the details Mahjik, I could perhaps shove that into logon scripts or something. Thanks for the detailed path particularly!

14-10-2015, 10:23
Dude! Thanks Mad Al! I missed the whole Family Sharing thing! Whether it works or not, you've helped me out amazingly! (ok, too many enthusiastic exclamation marks, sorry, but awesome)