View Full Version : G27 and T300 brake pedals randomly engaging, NEED HELP!!

13-10-2015, 22:02
I have PS4, a T300 with G27 pedals. I am using the Thrustmaster Wheel to Logitech Pedal Adapter from Ricmotech.

The problem is the brake pedal randomly engages. Any where from 5-10% up to full 100%. Sometimes the gas stays at my input and other times the brakes goes full and the throttle goes to zero, even when I still have 100% full throttle. This happens for split seconds at a time. I used the HUD display and can see the brake pedal randomly engaging , the throttle going to zero. If you were driving behind me in a race you would swear I was brake checking you. I have tried on numerous tracks, numerous cars, quick mode, solo mode and online mode. Anyone have this happen to them?

This is what I have done to trouble shot the issue.

Unplugged wheel, yes I do have the switch on PS4.
Recalibrated the wheel and pedals.
Unplugged pedal adapter
I took apart the G27 pedals thinking it was the Potentiometers. Instead of cleaning the brake pedal, I switched out my full clutch pedal assembly with my broken brake assembly. I rarely have used the clutch, prefer paddles. So the clutch potentiometer is basically new.

I tried my PS3 with GT6 and the pedals work fine, not one issue. ????
I then tried PS4, Drive Club and again the peddles worked fine. ???

I need some help.

I am open to any and all ideas to fix this issue.

15-10-2015, 02:34
No one has any suggestion ?

I have since reconnected the original T300 pedals and they are doing the exact same thing !! I have updated firm ware, still having problems.

Your thoughts??

15-10-2015, 06:41
The thing that's helped resolving pCARS issues for me is rebuilding the PS4 database.


I find doing this after every patch helps with various issues and makes the game play smoother. Who knows, it may help you out ? Nothing to lose in trying it !

15-10-2015, 20:37
@thegt500 thanks for the input. I did rebuild the database. still same problem. I have also:

updated firm ware to V25, no change
plugged in the original Thrusmaster T300 pedals, still same problem.
used a controller and the same issue even with a controller.