View Full Version : t300rs reset button

14-10-2015, 13:29
I can't assign any buttons for resetting the car after a crash or spin. I do assign a button but it doesn't work. I'd really appreciate any advice..

14-10-2015, 14:08
Any ideas?

14-10-2015, 14:17
Reset defaults to L3 and is one of the button assignments that can't be changed. If it has been changed at some point, you will need to do an overall reset in order to correct it back to its default. Make note of any changes in your setup so that you don't lose your settings. Once you do a complete reset, you will have the Reset back at its default of L3. Leave it on that assignment for no such future problems.

14-10-2015, 15:38
Thanx again for the clear explanation, wah!

14-10-2015, 15:58
You're welcome, did the same thing myself a while back.