View Full Version : failed to save data, with formula golf, then game freezes, what can i do?

14-10-2015, 13:39
i wanted to start a formula golf single player game, but i get a message, failed to save data, and then the game freezes, i installed the new 5.0 update, bug is still there

14-10-2015, 13:42
Try to delete your savegame locally and in the cloud, if you have activated it. Then start the game and try again.

14-10-2015, 13:44
k, tanks for fast comment, i'll try, hopes this works..

14-10-2015, 14:13
i deleted my save file, lost all my progress, that sucks do, bu the game works now, tank you Fong

14-10-2015, 14:39
Youre welcome. Glad its ok now.

Do this every time you encounter any strange behaviour that persists after re-starting the game or even re-booting the PS4. It seems to cure most of the issues. At least the ones of the ppl I know. I dont play offline except to prepare for league races, so I dont bother loosing any career progress as I have none. For setups I use http://projectcarssetups.eu, so the only overhead I have after a savegame delete is to put the current setup back on the car I am racing with, which kind of narrows efforts down to an beareable extent.

A simple hint to omit "broken" savegames is to give pCars time to save. Dont rush through the menues. The disk symbol appears with a little delay in the lower right corner. Let it disappear before you move on. Also close/end the game by pressing the PS-button on the controller if you want to stop playing. I do this only while sitting in the main menue of the game, with no disc symbol visible.

So far I had very few issues with the game (except the reproduceable bugs of course) and never had to delete my savegame so far. Fingers crossed...

14-11-2015, 13:50
This first happened to me months ago (first week of game launch) but then it went away until today when it has started happening again.
Same as before if you play career mode, complete whichever championship your in & then try to continue onward it won't save anything & you have to start it all over again.
Has done it in GT3 & at the moment it is doing it in Clio cup (twice on same event). Did it in a solo race at Bathurst too.

Can't wait for Battlefront to come out next week & Tomb raider a bit later because I'm putting this game up on the shelf now, I'm over it..
By the time I get around to playing it again (if ever) they may have fixed it. And with a bit of luck,,just maybe they will have released the fictitious FG V8 Supercar by then also.
But I'm sure that they will never fix all of the bugs in this game, because every time I play it lately something new seems to rear its ugly head to take the fun out of it.
Some glitches may only be small gripes but they all add up to an all-round non enjoyable experience.
I gave up on online play months ago too because the game/server reliability is poor & always inconsistent.

But I must admit that because it was & still is the only real decent racer on the ps4 that it was fun while it ( the good bits) lasted. But the magic had gone & it's becoming boring for me now.
The bike add-on in DriveClub is a ripper, you should try it, I like it better than the original game. Actually that game got a real bad wrap when it aint really too bad. Although it isn't all that realistic, at least the coding & game play is solid.
Hopefully GranTurismo will be a better game than all of them when & if they ever decide to update it again on the PS4